Does your PR team do these 5 things to show you they are exceptional?

October 27, 2021

1.    They have confidence in their work – say no to a shopping list of ideas - if the agency has created a strategy from understanding audience, cultural and social insights and media appetite, there is only one solution to your challenge

2.    They include you when it’s necessary - expect to meet a celebrity or significant influencer if you are spending money on them to endorse you. You are building a relationship with them and they are representing your brand / product so spend time with them sharing your brand, your passion and vision so they can tell your story authentically  

3.    Your agency will actively want open collaboration - Include them into the integrated agency group as a vital part of the brand team – PR team working alongside creative, digital and media agencies

4.    They think of the bigger picture - Ask them which titles you ought to be featured in this time next year. Have the long-term goal and insist they media map the evolution of the brand story

5. They keep on their toes – One of our clients always asks “what’s the so what”? It is a brilliant way to keep any agency on their toes, looking to the future and questioning the effectiveness of their own work.