If you are scaling your business these five PR tips will help you grow

November 2, 2021


1.    Don’t think about PR as a separate entity. Converge what you are already doing with SEO, social, email campaigns, PPC and bring the teams responsible together to make it all work as an integrated unit so everyone is working to the same goal.  

2.    PR can attract investment. A tech-start up brand we worked with in 2020 not only generated £138k worth of sales from a piece on Mashable.com but a follow up piece in The Times secured an US investor.

3.    Don’t settle for ‘yes’ people – at this critical point you need honesty, agility and creativity from your PR team. They should be consulting you from experience and be ambitious for you beyond product placement and your budget constraints. Creative PR content, timely profiling in industry press and connecting you to the right media that develops over time is crucial.  

4.    PR can drive your sales. Set KPIs against a VIP list of titles with a strong domain authority, measure your click backs and optimise your outreach against what people want and need.

And finally

5. don’t fall into the trap of thinking everyone wants to hear from you because you have something new. PR’s superpower is that it can craft a dialogue with your customers but you have to put them first and know what’s of value to them. How can you either educate, entertain or inspire them?  A PR team that understands how to develop your meaningful story, to your audience is the team you need.